Hi, I’m Kelly. Join me as I share my lessons about life, leadership, and the peaceful pursuit of Better Today Than Yesterday.

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Pronounced 'Betty’ is the idea that we have a responsibility to each other to constantly improve. Don’t time travel by worrying about tomorrow or regreting yesterday. Focus on what you can to today become the best version of you.

EST 1977

I’m not sure how it happened, but all the forks in the road have led me here—from a small island in the Caribbean to becoming a Green Beret to helping lead billion-dollar companies. 

In 2003 I enlisted in the US Army. After two years of suck, surprise, and sacrifice, I saluted that flag above Camp Mackall next to some of the most incredible humans I would ever know. These warriors would go on to prove to their brothers, and most importantly themselves, that they deserved to be in the regiment. One would earn the Medal of Honor. Rest easy, Rob. 

I joined the Army because I believe we are put on this earth to serve others. Combining that with what I later came to call ‘adventure deficit disorder,’ it seemed right at the time. No regrets, but the scars are deep. At least I am here to write this. We lost too many. 

My career has taken me in and out of the hospitality, technology, real estate, and defense industries. Each had one thing in common: doing hard things with good people. 

While my tactical mission has changed over the years, the end game has not - ‘Leave people and places better than you found them.’ I think they usually leave me better than I leave them.  

We each have hopes, dreams, struggles, and talents - let’s help each other with those. That’s what ‘human teams’ do. Let’s be aggressively kind.

I am not without my demons, and I believe I am not alone. My background may be unusual, but my scars aren’t. Maybe I’m the only one in the world in a constant wrestling match with my fears, uncertainties, criticisms, and doubts - I don’t think so. If we don’t get control of those, we are FUC’D.

BTTY is where I share lessons about life, leadership, and the peaceful pursuit of Better Today Than Yesterday - all through my lens. I am on my journey to be better, trying to learn from everyone, and teach what works. There is an asterisk on everything - * I could be wrong - I’m just making it up as I go too.

I hope you find something helpful to take on your journey. I hope wisdom, peace, and joy follow you wherever you go. 

De Oppresso Liber, Kelly

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