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Do You Have A Hat Rack?

#56 | Lessons from Coach Wooden on hats, changing hats, and being what your team needs

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[00:00:00] I was thinking about one of my favorite books I read a decade ago: Wooden on Leadership by Coach John Wooden. He was the head coach of the UCLA Bruins for quite a while, and they won 10 NCAA national championships for basketball. And I wanted to get this book, and I wanted to get it back in my hands. I wanted a hard copy.

So I ordered it and showed up, opened it, and it fell on a page immediately. There it was.

Coach Wooden was talking about hats. And in specific, he was talking about hat racks, and he said if you're gonna be a good teacher or leader, you have to have a good hat rack. Cause you're gonna wear lots of hats.

You Will Wear Lots of Hats

You're gonna be a coach, and you're gonna be a counselor. You're gonna be a timekeeper, a disciplinarian, a quality control expert, and a psychologist. You're gonna be all those things. And you gotta know when to reach out and put on a different hat.

It happened to me this week. I was sitting there talking to someone, a great human, and I knew at that moment I needed to put on Coach hat. Reach up, put it on, and lean into being a coach right then and there.

Be Aware When You Need To Change Hats

They needed a coach. And so I did that. But I don't think knowing when to shift gears to put on the right hat is easy. Sometimes just a listener hat, and sometimes you have gotta lean in hard and tell them stuff they don't want to hear, but at that moment, put on the. So I think that's great advice.

We're gonna be leaders, teachers, we gotta have a good hat rack, and we gotta be thinking about when to change hats. Good advice, coach. We're gonna go get a hat rack.

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