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Let's Be Medieval Stonemasons

Let's Be Medieval Stonemasons

No. 57


Kelly Vohs: [00:00:00] I love historical fiction. Love! And I think it's the weaving of the stories, learning about what's happened. One of my favorite books is called Pillars of the Earth. And it follows a life of a medieval peasant. And that peasant ends up becoming a stone mason and playing a very significant role in the building of a cathedral.

Then cathedrals would take more than a lifetime to create. He knew he would never see it to completion. His job, although more complicated than others, was to ensure that bricks were laid with precision and thoughtfulness. Some of them by his hand and some of them by others. And Oliver Berkman, in his book 4,000 Weeks talks about this.

He talks about the idea, and I'm paraphrasing, what if we could just be medieval stone masons? We just do our work knowing we'll never see it to completion or get credit. I love this idea. Let's be medieval stone masons.

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We show up each day, and we lay our bricks. The next right thing. We do it with thoughtfulness and precision, and hopefully, we do it with people we love. Knowing that our work together will add up to something important, something for our community, something useful.

We're never going to see it to completion, and we won't get credit. So let's live our lives like medieval stonemasons. The next right thing, the next right brick. And let's do it with people we care about to make something for our community. Medieval stonemasons. Let's do that. I hope you're good.

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Better Today Than Yesterday (BTTY)
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