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This is a good one Kelly! Last Monday 4 PGA Tour Pros held an event called Tales from the Tour. They are all men of Christian faith. They were here in Scottsdale for the Waste Management Phoenix Open. (The crazy fan tournament) Aaron Baddeley (an 8-time winner) talked about his joy in seeing his fellow competitors do great. He said for the first 10 years he got really upset when others did well and he didn't. He turned that around and started celebrating the successes of others and in turn became to really love and enjoy the game instead of grinding and only wanting to beat everyone. I thought this aligned nicely with your post today. Have a wonderful Sunday! CJ

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Once again, Kelly, you are speaking a truth that resonates with me. Regarding competition, your words put my week in perspective.

This is something in going through right now, and a mentor gave me an assignment. “Imposter Syndrome.”

Both of you are filled with wisdom. Thank you for the insight!

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Outstanding. My fav book of 2022.

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